One Size Clothing And Me

One Size Clothing And Me

My Love For One Size Clothing.....

All of my adult life my weight has fluctuated. Having children and staying at home it would go up. Going back to work it would go down. I love shopping for clothes and I'd get really disheartened when I'd try things on "in my size" and they wouldn't fit. I was also fed up of having a wardrobe full of "sized clothing" that would fit me one month and then after my summer all inclusive they were too small 😂 Sound familiar?


One Size Clothing changed all of this...No tags labelling what size I should be...No more fitting me one month but not the next...Great styles that make me look good as well as feeling good without me wondering if I'm "too old" for this style


This is why Lily's Loft was made, so I can help you ladies feel great too 😘