About Us

Have you ever walked into a clothes shop and seen a dress you like but thought "Am I too old to wear that?"

 Have you ever tried on an item in "your size"but its been too tight and left you feeling disheartened?

Do you wish you had tons of confidence when buying clothes so you can feel good more often?

Reaching my forties was a turning point in my life

  • My children were getting older (I wanted to look respectable)
  • My body was changing (I'd gained a few pounds)
  • I wasn't sure what to wear anymore
  • Some clothes shops felt too young, some felt too old
  • Sizing differed from one shop to the next

Does this sound familiar?

You are not alone. I've spoken to hundreds of ladies that feel the EXACT same as you!

After years of working in retail and and desperate to help ladies feel good again, I set up Lilys Loft with my husband

Not only are we selling fashion items, but we we are helping change lives too!

We are a UK online fashion boutique for ladies that want to feel confident inside and out

  • Offering affordable clothing

  • Good quality clothing

  • Helping ladies ooze confidence!

  • Feel comfortable in what you are wearing

  • First class customer service experience


Are you ready to BE YOU and feel incredible?